About Us

Green Globe CBO is a grass-root Not-for-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) based in Nairobi, Kenya. We aim to have clean and sustainable communities around Nairobi City. Green Globe CBO is committed to educate communities on proper waste disposal methods with specific emphasis on plastic waste.

Green Globe CBO was formed by like-minded youths residing in Nairobi Kenya who were concerned with the plethora of problems caused by plastic waste when it leaks to the environment. Most of the plastic waste in Kenya ends up in dumps or landfills where it takes many years to decompose. Plastic waste has often clogged sewers and therefore providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes and pests and in return increasing the risk of spread of vector bone diseases. Green Globe CBO offers a holistic approach to beating plastic pollution by training, providing incentives and economically empowering youth and women groups to recycle, reuse and upcycle plastic waste.

Programs & Projects

Our programs are geared towards creating awareness to change consumer habits on use and disposal of plastics and are towards achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. SDG 6: Clean water and Sanitation.
  2. SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  3. SDG 13: Climate Action.

SDG #6: Clean Water and Sanitation

40% of Kenyans still lack access to safe drinking water while 70% lack access to basic sanitation solutions. Green Globe CBO is committed to protect clean sources such as rivers from plastic waste by organizing river clean-ups, unclogging drainages, and sewers to remove plastic waste, advocating for river basin protection and restoration.

SDG#11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Green Globe CBO advocates for a cleaner and greener Nairobi. We offer free training on improved waste management practices such as sorting of waste at household level, recycling and up-cycling. We have also established programs and forums for youth and women groups trainings on how to recycle plastic to make art and earn a living.

SDG#3 Climate Action

Climate change is exacerbating the intensity of extreme weather events such as droughts, flooding and heat waves. Green Globe CBO creates awareness on climate change, environmental conservations, protection of water bodies and forests in Kenya. We promote public participation in issues related to environmental protection, renewable energy, conservation and sustainable development.

Ongoing Projects:

Green Globe CBO in partnership with other stakeholders facilitate diverse activities with an aim to beat plastic pollution in Kenya. Our current programs include:

  1. Youth & Women Group Trainings
  2. Green Globe CBO offers free training to youth and women groups on a variety of methods they can earn a living by recycling plastic waste. Our trainings are open to ANY registered youth/women group in Kenya.

    In our Trainings we educate the youth to not only be aware of the dangers posed by plastic pollution but also to offer solutions to the plastic pollution menace. We equip our trainees with skills to utilize poorly disposed waste that would end up in landfills, sewers, rivers or other water bodies.

  3. Environment Education – Plastic Pollution
  4. As part of our efforts to raise awareness about plastic pollution, Green Globe CBO continually engage students from high schools and colleges and educate them on climate change and environmental conservation.

    By educating school going children Green Globe CBO hopes to inspire the youth to come up with solutions to the challenges of poor plastic waste disposal. We hope to create a generation that is environmental cautious.

  5. Community Trainings – Changing Consumer Behavior
  6. We believe that the most effective solution to plastic pollution is changing consumer habits in households, as a result Green Globe CBO embarks on regular community trainings in community centers, markets centers and door to door to educate the general public on proper waste disposal, ways to recycle, re-use and upcycle plastic waste.

  7. Clean- Up Activities
  8. We organize and facilitate clean-up activities within Nairobi County. Our clean-ups involve removing plastic waste from clogged sewers, and from streams and rivers. All the plastic waste collected in our clean ups is recycled.

  9. Backyard/Balcony Farming
  10. Green Globe CBO is supporting vulnerable groups to start backyard/ balcony/rooftop gardens using plastic bottles planters. We provide planters, red soil and seedlings to vulnerable groups such as children home, elderly homes and people living with disabilities in Nairobi. This project is aimed at reducing the cost of a meal for families that continue to suffer the adverse effects of Covid-19. We also aim to ease the access to nutritious and organic foods amid the Covid -19 pandemic